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Something About Gaps

14 Jan 2012 Posted by zenit in travels

I don’t really understand this huge gap…
and beat me to death –  I’m against it.

(с) George Steinmez:   Brushwood market in Djenne, Mali


Thousand of people queue in China for new Iphone 4s.

BEIJING (AP) — Angry customers and gangs of scalpers threw eggs at Apple Inc.’s flagship Beijing store Friday after its opening for the China launch of the iPhone 4S was canceled due to concerns over the size of the crowd.

Employees posted a sign saying the iPhone 4S was out of stock.

Although the marketing is vivid and 300 % effective, the gap remains…

Hong Kong Travelling Experience 2012

09 Jan 2012 Posted by zenit in photography, travels

In a particular moment of time I’ve caught myself in front of the Big Buddha Statue on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. Of course a lot  had happened before.  …and every next day is actually everyone’s future.

First you start thinking like “wow, what a great match”, so many right things mixed in one. 2-3 seconds after you start realizing another perspective of the things happened to you.  Being in Hong Kong, although the time raced by, was like a short movie (in my particular case), with its own  story, actors and everlasting background for thinking 🙂

See some more Hong Kong pictures.

Stay tuned…

Engraved In Stone

13 Dec 2011 Posted by zenit in photography, travels

With this image I would like to start my China stories. Although not so much travels are to be taken yet, still the city i live in is big and there are so much places to visit.

Next thing I would like to do is to differentiate photographic topics and post them according to the particular week day. The details will be provided further. So much work to be done.
Nevertheless I’m so happy to live these days and be in contact with you.

Keep in touch…

Stormy Weekend

26 Nov 2011 Posted by zenit in photography, travels

Winter is coming whether you want it or not, even if you are near the Line!

Can you feel real life through all that rush, hurries and deadlines?  No way, you will call about inevitability of being a social player, and that without everyday activities you will definitely degrade.

First liquid snow

So much talks about nothing today. Does anybody remember how to keep silent for a while and listen to the wind. Not for a poetic purpose, but for relaxit time in YOUR life.

time lapse

08 Sep 2011 Posted by zenit in travels

Believe me or not the time is running much faster comparing to previous years.  For sure you can start arguing about this, but the fact remains.

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