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Social Documentary by Tomasz Gudzowaty

23 Jan 2012 Posted by zenit in photography

Speaking about non formal approach to social documentary photography my attention is drawn to Tomasz Gudzowaty.
As is said in his bio: “He began with nature photography and then turned to social documentary and for the last few years he has been focusing on sports photography. He is particularly interested in non-commercial sports, and also those that are not present in the media, sports that are exotic, atypical or somehow outside the mainstream.”

I’ve noticed one particular thing which is actually applicable to everybody. When the mainstream is not a rule for your artistic skills, liking and the way you transfer what you’ve seen via photography. Especially a matter of interest is his photo essays which are definitely a subject to more thorough consideration than just seeing.  Enjoy!

(c) Tomasz Gudzowaty

Outstanding Asian Talents

22 Jan 2012 Posted by zenit in photography

Chinese New Year is approaching in several hours! Fireworks all around. Wish everybody good luck.

This what I like in people very much. Andre Armеnt consider himself a sort of freshmen in the photography world.  At the same time his works are far beyond amateurs’ shots.  These images are full of life, dynamics and passion. That’s what I like in Asia too. Such colorful and lovely landscapes will definitely make your day happier.  Enjoy watching!!!

(c) Andre Arment

Fantastic Chili Landscapes by Mike Reyfman

19 Jan 2012 Posted by zenit in photography

Today I had a great Chili dream sequence.  It was strange a bit cause i’ve never been there. Only in my mind. But the pictures were very vivid and realistic.
I woke up, turned on Pat Metheny’s  ‘The Way Up’. One of my favorite soundscape still after all those years. Then, surely started searching for good images of Chili in the web to make a bit longer aftereffect of my dream and to wander in mindscapes as well.

I’ve came across this outstanding landscape photographer.  As it turned out after reading his bio – Mike Reyfman is a Ukrainian-born photographer who moved to the U.S. in 2000.  But this actually doesn’t matter to much.  Just have a look at these wonderful pictures and admire the places.

(c) Mike Reyfman

Something About Gaps

14 Jan 2012 Posted by zenit in travels

I don’t really understand this huge gap…
and beat me to death –  I’m against it.

(с) George Steinmez:   Brushwood market in Djenne, Mali


Thousand of people queue in China for new Iphone 4s.

BEIJING (AP) — Angry customers and gangs of scalpers threw eggs at Apple Inc.’s flagship Beijing store Friday after its opening for the China launch of the iPhone 4S was canceled due to concerns over the size of the crowd.

Employees posted a sign saying the iPhone 4S was out of stock.

Although the marketing is vivid and 300 % effective, the gap remains…

Breath Taking Images by Joey L.

11 Jan 2012 Posted by zenit in photography

Hola everybody.  This time my attention was captured by a young Canadian-born photographer Joey L.  After some web search ‘ve came across the fact that he actually was the guy who made poster design for “Twilight” movie.  And though i’m not a ‘twilight fan’, I was more deeply impressed by his series of photos from Ethiopia  and photojournalism spirit. Outstanding guy and photographer.

I was really amazed by his feeling of photojournalism. Then I’ve decided to take a look on other of his works, and was even more impressed by advertising photography.
With all that, his talent to show things “as is” is recognized worldwide as you have noticed already.

Hong Kong Travelling Experience 2012

09 Jan 2012 Posted by zenit in photography, travels

In a particular moment of time I’ve caught myself in front of the Big Buddha Statue on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. Of course a lot  had happened before.  …and every next day is actually everyone’s future.

First you start thinking like “wow, what a great match”, so many right things mixed in one. 2-3 seconds after you start realizing another perspective of the things happened to you.  Being in Hong Kong, although the time raced by, was like a short movie (in my particular case), with its own  story, actors and everlasting background for thinking 🙂

See some more Hong Kong pictures.

Stay tuned…

Happy New 2012

31 Dec 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

I love winter and I love snow.  Although here in the city of my temporary living  the snow can be seen only on TV, my good old memories make me happy!

Wish you good luck in 2012!

Marcellian Tan Travel Photography

28 Dec 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

A bit of colorful images will not harm you!
Travelling photography always had a bit of adventures combined with unique possibility to capture all around. No matter of your photographic skills pictures from you holiday travels, business travels or simply some shots taken during family picnic somewhere in the countryside will give you good memory first of all. If you managed to take some great landscape shots it can be a good motivation for improving your skills and even more.

Whether you need some good travelling photography tips my advise is to adress the most reputable internet resources and refer to most outstanding landscape photographers.  You’ll definitely learn not only by doing but by watching others as well.

By the time I was pleased to get across Marcellian Tan‘s  galleries. In my mind this guy is worth seeing. Even if you are not so addicted to landscape and nature photography as I am.

so lovely!!! what do you think ?

See more of his beautiful works on flickr

Panoramic Ireland Landscapes by Patrick Donald

27 Dec 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

To be honest my time management still chews up some of my time 🙂  Nevertheless I still have these beautiful moments when you can just relax and watch outstanding shots.  This time I’ve came across some galleries of an amazing Ireland based photographer. And what is more, Patrick Donald simply amazed me with his talent to present Ireland is an absolutely new way.

Must admit that Ireland in black and white excited my interest even more.   Enough words! Enjoy and visit Patrick’s web site for more.


Guide For Black & White Photography Processing

22 Dec 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

No wonder that there are so many materials in the web concerning practically every kind of post processing you can apply to your pictures. Recently was lucky to find a very useful and informative article originally published at on how to apply HDR to your monochromatic images written by Joseph Eckert.

No matter which way you choose and what software you use – the results are just great if you follow any of methods presented. Some alternative ways to convert you shots to B&W images are described as well.

By Josef Eckert

Spectacular Elemental Images by Mitch Dobrowner

19 Dec 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

‘Today I see myself on a passionate mission to make up for years of lost time creating images that help evoke how I see our wonderful planet…’ , says one of the most extraordinary photographer from U.S – Mitch Dobrowner.  Here we again face that situation when talks are needless.

Recently saw many artists trying to get over that barrier between time and space. Mitch’s attempt I must say is much more than successful. These pictures are truly display dramatic force of nature when human beings are helpless…

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