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Gorgeous Symmetry by Kai Ziehl

17 Dec 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

Frankly speaking I was deeply amazed by the feeling of balance or in other words – symmetry, when I saw Kai Ziehl’s photography.
The balance and harmony is especially vivid when we are talking about black and white shots. Still you need to possess outstanding composition skills in order to communicate particular idea with you pictures.

Kai Ziehl‘s talent is recognized not only in Hamburg. For me personally these b&w urban scapes are real examples of a great photographic sense. Enjoy watching!

Engraved In Stone

13 Dec 2011 Posted by zenit in photography, travels

With this image I would like to start my China stories. Although not so much travels are to be taken yet, still the city i live in is big and there are so much places to visit.

Next thing I would like to do is to differentiate photographic topics and post them according to the particular week day. The details will be provided further. So much work to be done.
Nevertheless I’m so happy to live these days and be in contact with you.

Keep in touch…

Soulful Portrait Photography

10 Dec 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

Sometimes we are forced to make fast decisions under unexpected circumstances. The same just happened with me recently.

Few days ago I’ve started my exploration of China, which means that I continue travelling in Asia. So soon will give you some images. I hope.

Right now want to share a great collection of portrait images all over the world.

One samurai  (© Takashi)

(© raya)

Breath-taking Scandinavian Landscapes by Peter Boel

01 Dec 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

In some sense I missed cold and snow, especially on the first winter day this year. It’s not so hard to understand that now i can see sun and enjoy 29 degrees  above zero. Changes coming soon.

Still having an opportunity to use web we can be a bit closer to what we want. Wanna see the snow and cold landscapes!  Thank you Peter Boel for that!

The result of a 6 week road trip up through Norway, flying to Svalbard & returning through Finland & Sweden.
So massive landscapes!!!

Stormy Weekend

26 Nov 2011 Posted by zenit in photography, travels

Winter is coming whether you want it or not, even if you are near the Line!

Can you feel real life through all that rush, hurries and deadlines?  No way, you will call about inevitability of being a social player, and that without everyday activities you will definitely degrade.

First liquid snow

So much talks about nothing today. Does anybody remember how to keep silent for a while and listen to the wind. Not for a poetic purpose, but for relaxit time in YOUR life.

Classic Photography by Jacques Henri Lartigue

05 Nov 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

Jacques Henri Lartigue was 69 years old in 1963 when he first presented a selection of his many photographs taken throughout his life in New York’s MoMa. That same year there is a photo spread of his work in the famous Life Magazine issue which commemorates the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and which is publicized worldwide. To his great surprise, Lartigue becomes, overnight, one of the renowned photographers of the twentieth century.

Enjoy watching and happy weekend!

Stunning Rainy Day Images

05 Nov 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

Hi everybody!

The weekend is almost at it’s commencement. Hope your are having no trouble with weather. Even if you do, there is one thing which could help you to stay active under any circumstances. Just take your camera and go for a walk.
Don’t forget to take your umbrella if it’s raining.

Have a nice weekend and you are welcome to watch some cool inspirational photos of a rainy day.

“the dew” by altamar

“rain” by cunyadenki

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