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Inspiring Minimalism in Photography

30 Oct 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

It’s better to have few objects on your shot, than to have a chaos…

When you start taking pictures everything seems to be ok. You read and learn what to do first and what to do next. Sooner or later you face with a sort of annoying feeling when realize that your shots are full of unnecessary object that convey additional, mostly less important meanings as well.

So obviously it’s a good time to address to minimalism as a kind of all-pervading art. But we cannot deny that fact about true creativity nature of simple way to convey meaning.

Must inevitably admin that all talks should be cut starting from this moment ūüėČ ¬†Surely, due to minimalist way of thinking.

Check out some great pictures of what was all said about. Are you fond of minimalism? ¬†ūüôā

This and That by Bright Tal


Black & White Photography by Yang Yankang

22 Oct 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

I was deeply amazed with what had seen recently!

Black and white photography was always a  subject to explore it deeper and deeper. All the time and no matter of  your photography skills.  The more you talk and compete the less time you have for watching good moments in life.

But it’s worth mentioning that b&w photography in real life, not in the studio, is even more valuable. Especially when you can feel the atmosphere. ¬†That is why my attention was drawn to¬†Yang Yankang.


Tips to transport photographic equipment

13 Oct 2011 Posted by zenit in Random

Some important aspects I do consider when talking about cameras and bags for them.

Hard case!

First¬†of all you should remember about safety of your lenses and camera body, as well as compactness of the used space. Consider hard cases for transportation of your equipment rather than backpacks or¬†similar¬†bags. ¬†Some backpacks have high-tech suspension systems and an all-weather cover to protect from rain and moisture. Backpacks offer the best protection and provide comfortable way to transport a lot of your photography equipment for travel.¬† Unless you don’t pack it in the baggage for international flights. ¬†Again, a hard case should be considered for transportation. Be careful with your equipment in order not to fail when arriving at shooting location.

Many professional photographers admit using two or three bags to carry and organize lenses, film and camera bodies.

Good luck and stay inspired…

Koh Ma islanding experience

08 Oct 2011 Posted by zenit in photography, travels

The Northwest part of Koh Phangan is the best place to achieve¬†absolute¬†tranquility. ¬†Soft sand, surrealistic corals underwater and clean water make this location mind blowing. ¬†This part is also known for it’s abandoned small island Ma (–ö–ĺh Ma).


When the music’s over, turn of the light…

06 Oct 2011 Posted by zenit in Random

Today the world’s community simply burst out with the Steve’s end messages. ¬†The end of one greatest story of success and beginning of another one. Tru master of innovations gave us chance to have a glimpse on his career. His achievements should not make everybody green-eyed monsters. These are simply the rules teaching us to see things from a different perspective!

“…Your time is limited, so don‚Äôt spend it living someone else‚Äôs life”


24 Sep 2011 Posted by zenit in Random

…a week after¬†Laos¬†trip. Just a bunch of things happened already. Some kind of magic is definitely in the atmosphere.

But what is obvious and should be always kept in mind that people are not getting more friendly with each year. Actually opposite.

Laos is a pretty country where so much is mixed but at the same time is left ‘behind the scene’ . ¬†It’s just a random shot made during the evening walk. ¬†Hope to come back soon.

stay tuned

(c) 2011

time lapse

08 Sep 2011 Posted by zenit in travels

Believe me or not the time is running much faster comparing to previous years.  For sure you can start arguing about this, but the fact remains.

bienvenidos post

07 Sep 2011 Posted by zenit in Random

The story actually goes far back and this blog is only an attempt to memorize everything ¬†ūüôā

Every language is welcomed, English is a standard at the time.  So I believe to keep follow this track other than to invent a bicycle again. We are learning by doing. Thinking is important, but not enough.

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