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Inspiring Minimalism in Photography

30 Oct 2011 Posted by zenit in photography

It’s better to have few objects on your shot, than to have a chaos…

When you start taking pictures everything seems to be ok. You read and learn what to do first and what to do next. Sooner or later you face with a sort of annoying feeling when realize that your shots are full of unnecessary object that convey additional, mostly less important meanings as well.

So obviously it’s a good time to address to minimalism as a kind of all-pervading art. But we cannot deny that fact about true creativity nature of simple way to convey meaning.

Must inevitably admin that all talks should be cut starting from this moment 😉  Surely, due to minimalist way of thinking.

Check out some great pictures of what was all said about. Are you fond of minimalism?  🙂

This and That by Bright Tal


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